reduce risk of cancer

How to Lower The Risk of Cancer: Helpful Tips You Can Follow

Cancer can be a scary thing to deal with, but you can do your part in preventing some types of it through positive lifestyle changes. ...
businessman having heart attack

How Long Can Heart Attack Symptoms Last: Know the signs

A heart attack happens abruptly and can be life-threatening. Despite its seemingly surprising occurrence, a heart attack can show warning signs that are mild to ...
lady with nosebleed

How to Stop Nose Bleed?

Nose bleeds happen when the thin walls of the vessels inside your nose break due to trauma or dryness, allowing blood to escape. Although often ...
Thyroid Disease

Thyroid Disease: Everything You Need to Know

Thyroid disease is a common medical condition that affects the body’s ability to produce and regulate hormones, which play an important role in many bodily ...
stress fracture in foot

Stress Fracture in the Foot: Causes and Symptoms

Tiny fissures in a bone are known as stress fractures. They result from overuse and repetitive force, such as repeatedly jumping up and down or ...
man holding flowers and medicine for hay fever

How long does hay fever last, and is it contagious?

Hay fever can last for weeks, even months. A considerable amount of people are suffering from hay fever. It’s an allergy and therefore not contagious. ...

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