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#1 Emergency Room in Kingwood

Comprehensive & Passionate ER Care
for Adults & Children

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At Kingwood ER, we strive to be the best in the neighborhood & give the residents of Kingwood a comfortable and advanced emergency room with minimum wait times.

Kingwood ER checking patient

Kingwood ER was founded in 2021 to provide state-of-the-art emergency healthcare services by board-certified physicians in a safe and comfortable environment for the community of Kingwood, Texas.

Upon arrival to Kingwood Emergency Room, our welcoming and compassionate front-desk staff will greet you & get you checked in immediately.

At Kingwood Emergency Room, we are a team of health care providers dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive, VIP emergency care. Our team of Physicians, Nurses, & staff members pride themselves on their ability to exceed each patient’s expectations and spend the quality time that each patient needs and deserves.

Our goal is to deliver high-quality and efficient adult and pediatric urgent healthcare services. We understand what it means to have to visit an ER and owe want to make the experience as comfortable and seamless as possible while providing the best medical attention.

What's The Difference? Kingwood ER Urgent Care
Open 24/7
Immediate access to Board Certified ER Physicians and Nurses
Able to Treat Cardiac Emergencies
Treat Respiratory Distress
Multi-Slice CT Scan, Digital X-Ray and Bedside Ultrasound
Treat Broken Bones
EKG and Cardiac Enzyme Analysis
Treat Severe Abdominal Pain
Transfer Arrangements and Straight Admission to Hospital
Streamlined Billing
Fully Certified Laboratory for Quick Results/Diagnosis
Psychiatric Treatment

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