Get Your Kids Ready for School Sports

It’s that time of year again when kids are dusting off their cleats and getting ready for another season of school sports. But before they


What To Do During A Heart Attack Emergency

A heart attack is a life-threatening situation that needs immediate medical care. This health emergency occurs when the blood flow to the heart is blocked

man suffering from chest pain

When To Go To ER For Chest Pain

Any type of chest pain can be terrifying, which is understandable. While some chest pain episodes could be minor, other times chest pain might be

man suffering from sinus infection

When to go to ER for sinus infection?

Have you been dealing with a stuffy nose for quite some time already? Maybe it’s no longer the usual cold or allergy. Sinusitis can be

young lady with Pharyngitis

What Causes Pharyngitis

A sore throat is known medically as pharyngitis, and it is a common ailment that is rarely caused for alarm. The causes, transmission, and symptoms

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